Contact Sara & Other FAQs

Let’s stay in touch!
Email me at
And please sign up to follow my blog!


Do you take book recommendations?
I love book recommendations, and would be delighted to review books that you recommend! Send them my way!

Are you on Goodreads?
Yes, lets be goodreads friends! Visit my page to see reviews and books that I am eager to read:

Do you accept books by authors to be reviewed?
If you are an author, and would like to submit your work for a review, that would be most welcome. You can recommend books or request a book review by emailing me at

What is your rating scale for books? 
Great question!

1/5 – Could not finish it

2/5 – I disliked something distinctly about the book, and cannot bring myself to recommend it to others

3/5 – Not for me, but I would not discourage others from reading it OR it was a good book that I will likely not remember in detail in a few months, because it was not great

4/5 – Great book, I recommend reading it

5/5 – I love this book, you will hear me talk about it for months until you read it

Do you really read 3 books a week??
Honestly, sometimes. My husband will tell you that his worst enemy is my kindle because I stay up late reading many nights. For now, many of my reviews are books that I have read in the past year – so not exactly as I finish them. I do work full time, so on average I read one book a week.

E-Books or Real Books? 
BOTH! Upcoming post on this delightful controversy!

I love your blog, how do I follow it?
Here is a handy guide from wordpress!


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