Special Edition: Book of the Month Club

Reading Sara Recommends: Book of the Month Club!


I believe I have mentioned in previous posts that I am not in a book club right now. I love them and have had incredible groups over the years. My favorite part of them is the recommendation of books that I would not have otherwise read or even picked up. I get most of my book recommendations from friends, other blogs that I trust, review lists and on Goodreads. There are a few reasons why now is not a very good time in my life for a book club, but I did feel like I was missing the exposure to other books. Though I love my readers on here and feel that we have a virtual book club,  I still felt like something was missing…

Then I heard about Book of the Month Club! Book of the Month Club has curated books each month, about 5 to choose from, that are recommended by other authors, actors, or influencers. There are various plan levels for how far in advance you feel like committing, but they are all reasonable and less expensive than buying the hardback yourself.

I haven’t been tempted to skip a month yet because I am always interested in multiple books, but that is an option (especially if you are behind in reading!). The picture above is an example of some of the great books I have already received – reviews coming soon for the ones you haven’t seen yet!! And should you want two of the recommended books, you can do that too, just by paying a little extra, again, cheaper than on Amazon or most bookstores.

The best part is the actual books, but the second best part for me is that each time the package arrives it feels like a present! There are usually fun little surprises in each box like sunglasses, toothpicks, or a fun straw. And you always get a bookmark (thank goodness, because I hate using random envelopes that are lying around the house).

Book of the Month Club doesn’t replace the joy of your local bookstore at all. Browsing the titles, seeing what they recommend, and supporting local can and should still happen. I view this as more of a supplement to that. I am also an avid Kindle reader myself, and it has been fun to mix it up with “real” books. Though seriously, I forgot how heavy they are when I’m reading at night!

Want to try it for yourself? Visit the website here to learn more and get your next great book delivered right to your door!

Yes, if you click on the link above I get a little perk, so feel free to use or not use! But you get 30% off, and your first book is free…so why not use my link? 


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