Book & Wine Wednesday! Reading Sara Review: The Sound of Glass, by Karen White

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Review: The Sound of Glass, by Karen White

the sound of glass


Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: NAL; Reprint edition (April 5, 2016)
Reading Sara Rating: 7.5/10


everything everything

Reading Sara Review: Maybe I started my Summer Reading Part 1 in the wrong order, because so far, my second half reads have been much better than the first half. The Sound of Glass was the first book I have read by Karen White, but will not be the last. White has a way of taking the reader, even those of us who have never lived or been to a place like Beaufort, South Carolina, and make us feel the humid air and to feel like we are there.

The Sound of Glass is the perfect combination of summer reading – not only is it available in paperback, but there is also a mystery, romance, healing of the soul, and threads of a family that slowly unwrap to something lovely. And it’s all wrapped up with southern charm.

The story begins with Edith, who is painting when she hears screams, loud noises, and smells smoke.When her and her son, CJ, run outside, they discover their neighbors in the same panic – a plane has crashed above their quiet town, and debris is flying everywhere. The story transitions to Merritt, who has recently discovered she inherited a home in Beaufort that was left to her husband, who died two years previously. Merritt packed up her life in Maine to start a new one in South Carolina, away from the ghosts of her past, but unknowingly approaching new ghosts.

Merritt is looking for some peace and quiet to start her new life – but that is immediately uprooted when her step-mother arrives with her ten-year-old half-brother on the day she is moving in.

The story is mostly focused around Merritt but jumps back to Edith’s time to provide ample backstory to explain the characters and their motives. The southern phrases and little pieces of wisdom were a little cutesie for me, but it didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of this lighter read, which incidentally, had a heavy topic behind it.

The story unravels at a perfect pace for summer – it is a quick read, but didn’t feel like it. Some of it is predictable, but I love that in a summer beach read! If you have any beach adventures coming up for the end of summer, definitely pick this one up for your beach bag.

Wine Recommendation

Ok, I’m cheating a little today. But what I am recommending to you is ah-mazing and perfect to toss in with your paperback of The Sound of Glass in your beach bag (since most beaches don’t allow glass).

RosĂ© Gummy Bears. Yep, you read that right. This exists and it is everything I hoped it would be. It sold out in the first two hours of being announced to the world – but I was lucky enough to get the second wave shipment.

Here’s why I am cheating: the alcohol apparently burns off during the cooking process, so these don’t actually have any alcohol in them. But, what they do have is delicious flavor.

Check them out at sugarfina!



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