Book & Wine Wednesday! Reading Sara Review: Along the Infinite Sea, by Beatriz Williams

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Book Review: Along the Infinite Sea, by Beatriz Williams

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Hardcover: 464 pages

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons (November 3, 2015)

Reading Sara Review: 7.5/10

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Reading Sara Review: Beatriz Williams does not let me down with her summer beach reads. She consistently weaves two stories together and does it with such perfection that I hardly notice when it changes.

Along the Infinite Sea is the third (and final book) in her Schuyler Sisters Series, this one about Pepper. Pepper finds herself in the south, pregnant, alone and being chased by her baby daddy’s employees in the 1960s when she stumbles upon Annabelle Dommerich when selling a car that she recently restored. Annabelle  gives us the second piece of the story: a young woman who falls in love in France on the precipice of World War 2 with a Jewish man and their love saga. Even without the World War 2 historical fiction piece, this is a fun book to read.

Annabelle is a character that I will not soon forget – she is a survivor, a strong female who is capable and inspiring. William’s ability to create love stories is unmatched. This makes her books perfect summer reads. There is a hint of melodrama, a bit of cheese, and a happy ending. Even if you haven’t read the other books in this trio, it’s good as a standalone book. The more you read of her novels, the more fun it is as characters from other books pop in and out of each.

For an interview with the author, head over to Dream by Day blog – one of my favorites! She talks about her latest book, which I cannot wait to read!

paris ritz

Wine Recommendation: One thing that I find consistent in William’s stories is taking me back to Paris – wishing I was sipping champagne at the Ritz with Annabelle. Even if I can’t do that, I can sip champagne! Sit down on a Saturday with this book and pour yourself a glass of champs. I believe it is a myth that champagne has to be expensive to be good (yes, there are some great expensive ones). Pop your favorite summer fruit into Champagne Montaudon for around $35, close your eyes, and pretend you are in France. Or, even better, thanks to G.P. Putnam and Sons Pinterest board, try out the Ritz Champagne Cocktail!

Ritz Champagne Cocktail



2 thoughts on “Book & Wine Wednesday! Reading Sara Review: Along the Infinite Sea, by Beatriz Williams

  1. I read this earlier this summer; it was my first Beatriz Williams book and I loved it! It motivated me to check out her other books and I just finished Vivian’s story last night- also good, maybe even better than Along the Infinite Sea. But need a break before I read the other Schuyler sister book because I feel like the DNA is pretty similar on these stories and I may not enjoy it back-to-back.


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