Reading Sara Review: About the Night, by Anat Talshir

About the Night, by Anat Talshir

about the night

Paperback: 394 pages

Publisher: AmazonCrossing (June 1, 2016)

Reading Sara Rating: 7/10

modern romance

Reading Sara Review: This is a truly lovely book, set in the backdrop of Jerusalem starting in 1947, when our protagonists, Elias and Lila, fall in love. This surprising love story involves heartache, friendship, and secrets. Elias, a Christian Arab, has fallen uncontrollably in love with Lila, an orphaned Jewish woman.

Their love is stronger than the war going on around them, but not stronger than the wall built to separate their city.

This story is not a page-turner, full of anticipation and excitement. It is simply a lovely story, at times, perhaps too flowery for my taste, but mostly it was full of beautiful language and poignant passages. The descriptions jump off the page and take you (whether you have been there or not) to Jerusalem – smelling the tea, eating the food, watching the city unravel and then build back up again.

The book jumps back and forth between present day, where Elias is in a hospital, reliving his great love and to the decades of their great love. I felt that the jumping around was unnecessary (maybe I am reading too many books where this is done, and I am tired of it). The book would have been just as lovely without the present day. With that being said, I enjoyed Nomi’s pieces about her childhood and her development as a character.

I recommend this book if you are in need of a love story that transcends decades.


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