Reading Sara Review: Modern Lovers, by Emma Straub

modern lovers

Hardcover: 368 pages

Publisher: Riverhead Books (May 31, 2016)

Reading Sara Rating: 7/10

modern romance

Reading Sara Review: I went through different phases of reading this where I liked it, and then moments where I wasn’t sure if I wanted to finish. The good news: I enjoyed it at the end!

Modern Lovers does what Straub does best: tells stories (that are a little depressing) about marriages and families that are relatable. Zoe and Elizabeth have been best friends since college, former bandmates and now neighbors in a hip Brooklyn neighborhood. There were some classic stereotypes of the characters which was a downside for me – the hip Brooklyn lesbian couple that runs a restaurant and has an uncontrollable eighteen-year-old daughter and the picture-perfect hetero couple with the son who makes no mistakes. However, Straub gave them each their battles to fight and to figure out and had some surprises up her sleeve (some super predictable, others not so much).

What I enjoyed about this read was that at the heart of it, it is about love. And why love is complicated – especially when friendship, secrets, and unfulfilled emotions are at stake. Straub expertly weaves a story of all of these things, giving the characters ups and downs, mistakes, and in some cases reconciliation.

This was my third book from my summer 2016 reading list, and the best so far, but still not my favorite book of the summer. If you have read The Vacationers, or Straub’s other works and enjoyed them, add this to your list this summer (or when it comes out in paperback). Happy reading, my friends!



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