Summer Reading (2016 Edition) Part 1

Summer Reading 2016 Part 1

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Summer reading is on my mind in a big way – not only is this weekend a three-day weekend for Memorial Day but I also just returned from an incredible week in Hawaii where it felt like summer.  Admittedly, I did little reading while on the beach in Hawaii because I was way too busy chatting with friends (but we talked about books!), it hasn’t stopped me from making my summer reading list for 2016.

Summer reading is something that was ingrained in my life for as long as I can remember – though my reading list has adapted from reading Jane Eyre before the start of my sophomore year of high school to devouring a combination of beach reads and everything else on my TBR list. Summer is perfect for reading because whether you are on a towel by the beach or in a hammock in the mountains – or simply on your couch enjoying long days, there is just more time. Life slows down a little bit.

Last summer, I recommended these books for your beach reads (and I still stand by these if you have not read them yet!). This year, to kick things off, I have some that I am planning on reading. Later in the summer I will post recommendations and reviews. I want to hear your summer reading list too! What are you packing in your beach bag or downloading on your Kindle?

What Reading Sara TBR Summer List looks like:

Summer Books 1Summer Books 2

Modern Lovers, by Emma Stroud
I liked The Vacationers (admittedly, I did not love it, but I do like Stroud’s writing style and am excited about her newest release)
update: review here!

The Sound of Glass, by Karen White
White is a renowned author, and this book is a fictional story set in the south involving families, inheritance, and secrets. Sounds like summer to me. Her other novel, Flight Patterns, just came out this week, is also on my TBR list. Update: review here!

Eligible, by Curtis Sittenfeld
I know I said that I needed a break from the Jane Austen project after being sorely disappointed by Emma – but what can I say? I’m a glutton for Austen stories, and I know I’ll read it this summer.
update: review here!

Girls on Fire, by Robin Wasserman
I have heard a lot about this book lately, so just added it to my TBR list – small rural town, Satan worship, disappearing kids, friendship (maybe more) between two kids… sounds like a good summer book to me!
update: review here!

The Girls, by Emma Cline
It’s about a cult. I can’t wait.
update: review here!

The People in the Trees, by Hanya Yanagihara
This one has long been on my TBR list, and I promise myself I will get to it this summer!

And don’t worry, more wine reviews this summer! I apologize for the slight hiatus, drinking mai tais on the beach got a little distracting – but I am back and excited to read (and drink!) with you! I hope everyone is ready for rosé season and willing to try what is sure to be “the next rosé ” – orange wine! More to come…



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