Furiously Happy: A Funny Book about Horrible Things, by Jenny Lawson

furiously happy

Rating: 4/5

Hardcover: 352 pages

Publisher: Flatiron Books (September 22, 2015)

Furiously Happy was on my Fall TRB list – which I did not get too far into, but so happy that I at least got to this one before the snow began falling here in Colorado! I can’t imagine another author who could write a book so intensely personal, about her own mental health issues, and still make it funny, relatable and good. Seriously, only Jenny Lawson can do this. For those who have not heard of her, she is The Bloggess, and I highly recommend checking it out on when you need to chuckle.  I actually learned of Jenny Lawson through her first book, Let’s Pretend this Never Happened and instantly became a fan of hers.

The things that happen to her in everyday life are things that happen to most of us – but she tells them in such a funny way, and has an eye for detail that I love, as well as just simply viewing things with an eye of someone who suffers from social anxiety – so an awkward moment for me is 10x funnier when it happens to her. This book focuses on a serious issue in our world today that isn’t often spoken about: mental health. And not only does she make her story personal, but she calls to fellow comrades who suffer from all forms of mental health issues – mild to extremely seriously – and provides an outlet of hope and assurance, and perhaps equally importantly, laughter.

Her quick tidbits about dressing up the cat and forcing him to play with her taxidermy animals were hilarious. I wish that I could be as creative in planning little pranks to pull on my husband involving taxidermy animals (I would, obviously first need to own taxidermy animals, which I don’t because they absolutely creep me out).

Her second book is not as funny as the first, I still laughed out loud – and found that I could not keep reading at night for fear of waking my husband up with my snickering. It felt shorter and a little more scattered around different stories than the first. And it was more serious, which was ok because of the serious topic she covers.

For readers who enjoy Tina Fey’s or Mindy Kaling’s writing, this is a great book to pick up when you need a good laugh and reminder that the weird things that we all do, really aren’t that weird. And even if they are, it is absolutely ok to be a little weird.


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