Reading Sara Review: Among the Ten Thousand Things by Julia Pierpont

Among The Ten Thousand Things, by Julia Pierpont

Among the Ten Thousand Things

Rating: 3/5

Hardcover: 336 pages

Publisher: Random House; 1st edition (July 7, 2015)

Reading Sara Review: I give this book credit for its development into the story of a family after something bad happens to them.

Jack is an artist who has an affair. Unfortunately for him, he picked a vindictive young girl to have the affair with. She mails a box of their love letters to Jack’s wife Deb. Unfortunately for Deb, Jack, and the girl, the box gets delivered to Jack and Deb’s children. As can be imagined, anger, resentment, fighting and angst for all of the characters begins to ensue quickly. The characters are shallow and they let their secrets and lies absorb them.

The writing is good, I would read more of Pierpont’s future literature. She is young (only 28) but gives a great account of a family torn and still held together. Her writing was for the most part, really well done. But I was not moved by the narrative and plot of this book. We follow the characters after all of this drama goes down – and it is a moving story of a family, and in general, I tend to enjoy those books.

I did not like the way that the book jumped around. In the middle, it begins to tell you what happens in the end. I appreciated this at first, because I thought we were going to jump ahead – to the long term repercussions. But then it just went back to present day. By that time, I didn’t care anymore – I knew how it ended, what did it matter what these kids were getting into now?

Unfortunately, I did not love the book overall. I do not think that the characters will stay with me, as I have already forgotten what some of their names are.  There are better books that have come out this year, so at a minimum, wait for the paperback, but I would skip it all together. But keep this author on your radar, I suspect we’ll be seeing more from her.


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