Book & Wine Wednesday! Reading Sara Book Club Book Recommendations

Book & Wine Wednesday: Reading Sara Book Club Book Recommendations

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My friend and colleague recently referenced my blog as a “Book Club without the meetings.” I loved it. I have been a part of some wonderful book clubs in my life, but am not currently participating in one. Sometimes I feel like my Goodreads account is a form of book club – I love seeing what books friends have added to their TRB shelves or have rated highly. Books are a common conversation at the lunch table in my office – “oh, I am reading The Martian too! I am surprised that I can get into something with so much science” or “Are you done with the Outlander series yet? I might quit.” I am lucky to be surrounded at work and in life with so many other voracious readers who are smart, intelligent women. No offence, men who follow my blog (which might just be my dad and husband), because you are also smart and wonderful.

Even though I am not currently in a book club, I love them, I support them and think they are wonderful – even if they don’t talk about the book the entire time (or at all)! Books bring people together and provide discussions that are meaningful and deep. So, in honor of book clubs, I thought I would give 5 recommendations for Book Club reads! They are all available in paperback, e-reader and probably at your local library. And it felt perfect for Book & Wine Wednesday, because I have yet to hear of a book club that doesn’t also involve wine…

BeFunky Collage

The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls

glass castle

I have read this with two different book clubs, and both had lively and interesting discussions. Whether people loved it or hated it, this book is memorable and shows a life that many people do not know exists – a world where you do not always know where your next meal will come from or where your family will go next. Your conversation around it will be interesting, be sure to check out the reading group guide for great questions to stir the conversation.

Valley of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susann

valley of the dolls

This book is meant for women to read. While dolls in this reference does in fact mean “downer pills,” it is also about three women and their rise to fame and careers in the 1940s. Rumor has it that it was based off of Judy Garland – she was originally supposed to be in the film adaption of the book, but had to leave because of her pill addiction. It is a perfect book for your next book club meeting.

Me Before You, by JoJo Moyes

me before you

Ok, I’m obsessed with this book. And you will find me recommending it for everyone and everywhere on my blog. If you haven’t read it, please read it so that I can stop bugging you to read it. The sequel just came out – so you don’t even have to wait over a year like I did.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, by Karen Joy Fowler

we are all completely

I just finished this book last week, so will post a review asap – but this book is so interesting that it cannot be described in a blurb. The writing blew me away, the way that the story was told was so unique, I laughed out loud, I felt all the feels – the emotion and confusion of the characters – and have never read a story that surprised me more in the middle and then kept it interesting.

Orphan Train, by Christina Baker Kline

orphan train

If everyone in your book club hasn’t read this one yet, it is a great book club read. The story itself is not actually true, but the situation of these children is true – which is just absolutely amazing. Your book club will be smarter and will be interested and invested in the characters, watching them develop and get second chances.

Wine Recommendation: So, you definitely need to bring a wine to book club. I recommend a Red – because you might be coming straight from work and keeping a white or rosé chilled all day in your office refrigerator might be a little weird. Because everyone’s palate is different, I usually keep it simple with a Pinot Noir for a lighter option or a generally-loved Malbec if I think that the cheese plate will be more robust. You can usually find La Crema Pinot Noir for around $20, and it is pretty commonly sold at wine shops. I think it is an excellent value for a mass-produced wine. Most Malbec wines are around $15 anyway – a great bargain for a great Argentinian grape. Two that you can usually find and are good bets are Doña Paula Estate Malbec and Trumpeter Malbec. What are your go-to book club wines? Always looking for recommendations!

And if you are not in a book club, or looking for a virtual one – join me and read with me! You can follow my blog and discover amazing books with me – and I won’t judge if you have a glass of wine too (I do it too!).


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