The Great Debate: Real Books vs. E-Reader

kindle and books

As most voracious readers are frequently asked, “Do you have a Kindle or do you prefer books?” I am no exception to this question, or to this dilemma. So I will be straight with you, my reader friends: I own a Kindle and I think it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Here are my answers to a few more FAQs that I get when this debate arises:

Do I miss real books?
Sometimes. But not really. They are quite heavy when you are trying to read in bed (which I frequently do).

Do I ever read “real books?”
Yes, sometimes. If a book is given as a gift or I am re-reading a favorite that I already own.

What about supporting local bookstores?
I love me a local bookstore, and will very likely write an upcoming post about some of my favorites. I will buy gifts for others at my favorites, but to be absolutely frank here, I was buying books from Amazon already. The convenience of buying a book along with my toothpaste, batteries and a wine decanter just cannot be beat (yes, I have bought those four things together, all unrelated but important). Sometimes I think that my husband and I are the sole funders of Amazon, based on the amount of packages that we get each week.

Do you get e-reader books from the library?
I have in the past, and if I love one thing more than a local bookstore – it is the library. If you don’t have a library card, please go get one. Libraries are amazing, beautiful places. Unfortunately, I am too impatient for library rentals on my kindle, so I rarely use this option. Instead, I support the library by donating used books and giving financially when I am able to.

What makes the Kindle so great?
If I finish a book at 9pm at night and want to read something else, I can do so immediately, without changing out of my pajamas. I can also link my amazon account to my goodreads account, which makes remembering which books I wanted to read even easier. I own the Kindle Paperwhite, which has a light behind it but is not like a regular backlight (for example a computer or iPad) so you can read it outside, at night without an additional light – it’s amazing.

Do I own a collection of favorite books?
Yes, absolutely. I love lending people favorites and a downside to the Kindle is the lack of sharing. I also love having a bookshelf to look upon and remember favorite stories. Have you seen the beautiful In Bloom Rifle Paper Company Penguin Books?? How can you resist this beauty AND classics? So, yes, I buy books when they are beautiful and meaningful!

Rifle Paper Company Book

What are the downfalls of a Kindle?
There are a few. For one, I always forget the name of the book that I am reading because I do not see it every day. I’m also never entirely sure how long a book is when I start it.

But what about if Dan and I ever have kids, won’t we want to teach them to read and learn through real books?
Um, duh. We will read out loud with them, we will have interactive children’s books and we will hopefully have children who love to read as much as we do!

Is the Kindle great for traveling?
Oh my goodness yes. So many books, so much lighter.

So, readers, what do you prefer? Are you a loyal book-only reader? Or have you transitioned to the convenience of the e-reader like me?


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