A Room With a View…and Reading With a View

I just spent the weekend at an amazing place, doing something truly fantastic: glamping. If you are not familiar with glamping, I recommend that you become familiar: it is the term used for high-end camping. We stayed at Collective Retreats, at a tent in the beautiful Colorado mountains, with a real bed, electricity, rugs, space to stand (!), coffee in the morning – and yes, a tepee with a shower and flushing toilet. I cannot recommend this place enough for anyone looking for a weekend getaway.

Summer in the Rocky Mountains is my favorite time of year – we did some incredible hiking among waterfalls, wildflowers and creeks. We went on a beautiful horseback ride through the ranch where we were staying. And obviously, I had some wonderful downtime to read.

This is reading with a view!


Here are more pictures of other places within the tent that I spent my time reading:

room with a viewtents

bed picturereading chairs

Pretty incredible place, right? I could have stayed for a month!

In closing, if you like camping but do not like the logistical hassle of a tent, and would prefer electricity and a shower – this is the place for you! The ranch-style breakfast was amazing (I highly recommend the blueberry pancakes), the location is spectacular and the high-quality service from the staff is amazing (and I’m not just saying that because they make s’mores by the camp fire every night!). Peter and his staff will take excellent care of you – just make sure to pack some favorite books, you will love reading while glamping! Tell Peter that Sara & Dan recommended this lovely place to you, and I promise, you will have a wonderful vacation!

Reading Sara Mini-Review: A Room With a View, by E.M. Forster 

Because this is a blog not about my excellent adventures with my husband, but a blog with book reviews, how can I not mention A Room With a View by EM Forster? Apologies, but this will not be a full review – because it is Sunday, we just got home from the mountains and I need to do laundry and help with dinner.

If you have not read this classic, originally published in 1908, it is a delightful read. Young Lucy Honeychurch is searching for love while navigating her place within English society. Similar to other books I love of this time period by authors just before him such as Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and Elizabeth Gaskell to name a few, the primary purpose of Lucy’s existence is to find a husband. Prior to doing this, she gets a little adventure on an Italian vacation with a spinster cousin – where yes, she is given “A Room With a View.” There, she shares a sweet, adolescent kiss with George (this is scandalous, of course!).  When she returns to her town, this all must be forgotten as she becomes engaged to a more “suitable” match.

Lucy grows throughout the book, finds herself and begins making her own decisions – which makes her a lovable heroin. The book was a little slow for me in the beginning, but as it picked up, I cheered for Lucy’s happiness. And I just love when a male author (from 1908!) writes with feminist bravado – yes, women do have their own opinions and want a partnership with their husband, and perhaps a little independence– what an incredible concept! Well done, Edward Morgan Forster, well done.


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